EU Grant Project

Our company was awarded a grant contract within the scope of the grant scheme funded by the European Union, for the implementation of our project entitled “Production Line and Market Expansion. Within this framework, our company signed a contract with the European Union on 07/08/2019 to implement the project. The project term was 27 months and was successfully completed before the estimated completion time.

*With the occupational health and safety training received due to the project, the workplace should be able to provide efficiency and its employees should do good work. For this, certainly, a healthy and safe working environment is the first rule. Consequently, occupational health and safety not only protects human health, but also increases productivity in the workplace. It is aimed to train personnel with the highest awareness by applying various methods to consider and eliminate potential risks.

With the financial support provided by the European Union within the scope of the grant program for competitive enterprises, clusters and business support organizations, the product variety, production quality, capacity and standards of our company have been increased and improved. All these have made significant contributions to our company’s profitability and access to new technologies and standards.

*In addition, we invested in emulsifiers, double clipping machines and laboratory equipment with this project and we have strengthened our marketing branch with 2 new low-emission vehicles in our vehicle fleet. We have also organized a website for brand awareness.

* Thanks to the investments we made, we have moved forward in terms of awareness, capacity and motivation.

In addition to all these, thanks to the support provided by the European Union, our company has a website and has improved its corporate structure by providing occupational health and safety training to all its personnel.

The main activities of the action are as follows;
1-Establishing project management structures.
2-Supplying a vehicle with a freezer
3- Supplying an emulsifier, double clip machine and a bacteria testing device.
4- Providing occupational health and safety trainings to our employees along with risk assessments.

Estimated results can be explained as follows;
1-More efficient and reliable refrigerated distribution process with less emissions.
2-99% less air bubbles.
3-60% higher production capacity.
4-Producing high-quality and safe meat products.
5-Developing high-quality and safety procedures.
6-Recruiting 4 new employees to our staff.

Expected Effects (can be expected 2 years after the end of the project)
1- Having a turnover of €2.82m as of 2023.
2- Having a profit of €88,000 by 2023
3- Adding 13 new employees in the meat processing department.
4- Increasing the company’s market share from 30% to 45%.
5- Decreasing processed meat import from of Turkey by 20%.

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